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Samsung Spinoff Creates Artificial Sunlight with Window-like Lighting Device

Samsung Spinoff Creates Artificial Sunlight with Window-like Lighting Device

May.26, 2020 - 17:49 — YiningChen 448 pageviews

Last week, Samsung announced that it is supporting five startups created by Samsung employees under the C-Lab Inside in-house incubation program. One of the new startups, SunnyFive, builds a window look lighting device delivering artificial sunlight.

(Image: Samsung)

According to Samsung, the window-shaped lighting created by SunnyFive produces full spectrum of light which is similar to natural light, simulating lighting situation including dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk. Samsung also highlighted that this window-like lighting device can help users synthesize vitamin D without the concern of getting sunburn.
The brightness and color of light can also be adjusted via app. The lighting system is also supported by Samsung’s IoT system SmartThings.
Usually sunlight mimicking lightings are based on LED technology to emit full spectrum. But Samsung did not specify the technology used by SunnyFive. Recently Signify also launched “NatureConnect,” the LED-based lighting product based on Human Centric Lighting. Signify addressed that with the simulation of natural light, the lighting is designed to enhance users’ physical and psychological wellbeing.



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